Honour and promote.

In 2007, when ASPOLT was founded by a group of friends, the bet was a little crazy. The Laudrefang and Téting structures, 2 of the 53 forts on the Maginot Line in northeastern France, have been abandoned for several decades. Looted, they are buried by vegetation. These pieces of concrete and steel contain a treasure: the memory of hundreds of French soldiers who, in 1939-1940, spent part of their youth there and had to face fierce fighting against the German enemy.

A forgotten and yet so fascinating memory that ASPOLT volunteers are now working hard to revive by carrying out a relentless renovation and historical research.

Discover this History!


Yesterday and today

For 12 years, ASPOLT has been renovating Block 3 of the Laudrefang Petit Ouvrage. This “Before/After” slide show summarizes the great work that has been done by the association’s volunteers.

Commemoration of the 80 years of the fights

In 2020, France will commemorate 80 years of the fights between France and Germany. ASPOLT wishes to contribute to the slowly rebuilt building of this forgotten memory. Based on its experience and successes, it will organize a commemorative and festive event for the curious and the passionate.